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Between being a poet, philosopher, and novelist, Santayana was a sure influential cultural critic. Nevertheless his conversational muse would fade with the future of years.

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George Santayana

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Santayana essay May 2, more than of the greatest essays santayana essay and speeches composed by British and American authors The lessons of history famous quotes and quotations - lessons from history doomed santayana essay to repeat them. Once retired, Santayana was a highly recognized poet, philosopher and teacher.

He was a very important contribution to society for sharing his knowledge of philosophy, and. George Santayana's America: Essays on Literature and Culture. Collected and with an introduction by James Ballowe.

Collected and with an introduction by James Ballowe. Urbana: University of Illinois Press (). George Santayana (—) George Santayana was an influential 20th century American thinker whose philosophy connected a rich diversity of historical perspectives, culminating in a unique and unrivaled form of materialism, one recommending a bold reconciliation of spirit and nature.

George Santayana noted that those who do not remember their own history are doomed to repeat it. There is an extreme truth in the observation and leaders and nations who have not learnt from the mistakes faced ramification down the ages.

Santayana’s mother was widowed to George Sturgis before marrying Agustin Santayana (Flamm). She was born in Scotland to a Spanish diplomat. Santayana’s father was born inand was a child servant in Spain (Saatkamp; “George Santayana” Poetic).

Santayana essays
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George Santayana (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)