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Thus began my teacher down the rabbit hole. Defining a civil war is not as clear-cut as one would imagine. Nearly all researchers agree that civil war is different from other forms of violent activity such as crime or interstate war.

Watch video · In many ways the Civil War set the stage for modern medicine, providing thousands of poorly schooled physicians with a vast training ground: Modern hospital organization.

It's a defining event. And until it's acknowledged and apologies are rendered, it will remain a defining moment. I think, for the Turkish government, there are three factors that prevent it from. The term is used (nobody knows who coined the phrase) to define the “boom” in births after WWII.

The Saturday Evening Post (a major magazine when we were kids) “celebrated” the coming of the boomers in their November 2, issue. Canada's Defining Moments Essays: OverCanada's Defining Moments Essays, Canada's Defining Moments Term Papers, Canada's Defining Moments Research Paper, Book Reports.

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